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Buck Brannaman Interview

Exclusive interview: "Your horse is a mirror to your soul..."

"sometimes you may not like what you see... sometimes you will"

Buck Brannaman Interview

Athena Smiles

"Bring into balance yin and yang"

"neither horse nor rider are machines, they are sensitive, living beings"

Athena Smiles

Autumn Mindfulness

"Slowing down and returning to centre"

"is part of the natural rhythm at this time of year"

Autumn Mindfulness

Pilates & The Art of Mucking Out

"Think about your posture and how you use your body"

"the office chair doesn't mind if you're twisted, but your horse does"

Pilates & The art of mucking out




Horsemanship Magazine


Why and how to use them

"A place of growth, interest and learning"


Into Winter

Feeding and nutrition in winter

"Fermentation of fibre in the cecum acts as the boiler for your horse's central heating system"

Winter Feeding

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I should also say that I think the magazine is excellent - the only place I can read and learn about the things that matter to me and my horses. Congratulations to all involved!

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