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Kathleen Lindley Beckham : Baby Behaviour

"Growing up as a horse in a human world is full of challenges"

"It takes a whole village to grow an adult horse"

Baby Behaviour

Hoof Boot Competition

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Hoof Boot Competition

Craig Stevens & Mary Anne Campbell: Cues & Aids

"Understanding the difference can lead to conversation"

"in harmony between you and your horse"

Cues & Aids

Dr Deborah Carley: Let Them Eat Poo!

Does your horse eat poo?

Reviving an age-old practice for healing sick horses

Let Them Eat Poo!




Horsemanship Magazine

Yvonne Weltz : Bitless Riding

There's something new

"A revolutionary new bridle with classical effect, suitable for high school exercises"

Bitless Riding

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